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An insight into the Camels Social bowls Club. Some of you may have noticed full rinks on any given Sunday with impressive increases in membership recently, so much so that we regularly have reserves for home and away games! This success is a testament to the hard work and dedication put in by President Wally Kitching, Vice President Yogi Thomson and Treasurer Mick Boland over the last few years.

Success in any community endeavour requires a group of people who are willing to volunteer their own time and take on a leadership role. This means being prepared to be at meetings to organise events, months out, resulting in a positive environment whereby members simply turn up and enjoy the facilities. It also requires a great deal of passion for what you are doing! Most people in the club know Wally Kitching very well, he has been a long standing member of Burleigh Bowls Club for many years. His record of achievements on the rinks, winning many titles, is there on the wall for everyone to see.

Having new members is one thing but the real success comes from the hard work the committee put in to make sure everyone not only enjoys themselves, but that the standard of bowls improves from week to week. This is particularly the case with any new members, as a new member myself, it was Wally who made sure I played with him in my first few games to ensure I got the basics of the game. Vice President Yogi would then take you under his wing, always watching your progress on the rinks offering words of encouragement as you improved over time! So it really is no surprise with this type of atmosphere we are seeing membership grow and quite a few Camels bowlers now regularly playing at a high standard in competition games for Burleigh.

The Camels certainly have a lot of fun when we get together, particularly on away trips! and yes we enjoy having a few beers, after all it is social bowls, however you would be mistaken for thinking we don’t take representing our club very seriously. It is instilled into each new member early on that we are “The Camels of Burleigh” and we proudly represent the club and the region.

I think the following sums up the Camels Social Bowls Club!

“Success is not measured by money or the assets you possess, real success is measured by the amount of people that enjoy being in your company and gain something positive from the experience”

Edited by Steve McLean.